Congratulations to all participants and teams who took part in The 24 Hour Play Edinburgh.

Our audience at Assembly Roxy enjoyed five fearless short plays, each a unique and compelling response to the brief. Trade Off by Diane Stewart followed a young woman’s craving for purpose in a community where all must play by the book; Girls Will Be Girls by Ian Low realised a fierce gender war in which women deliberated the impact of castrating their male POWs; Laura Witz’s A Moral Trial juggled timelines and duties as a young modern, a suffragette and “just a clown” came together to face Szymborska’s words and ​Green Patch by Eve Nicol, an intense deliberation between a young, liberal girl and her stubborn elder of what it is to differentiate between a soldier or simply a person.

Selected through audience vote and an arts industry panel, the evening’s winning play was Pieces of Colour by Lisa VillaMil. This work followed the grief of three individuals each caught in the loop of their own limitations and suffering. Apparent invisibility, social discomfort and the pains of estrangement put these uncomfortable themes in the spotlight, challenging their perhaps normally under the carpet residence. Comments from the judges marked this piece as having intriguing potential for development, with the quality of acting and direction acclaimed. The team behind Pieces of Colour will go on to develop the show into a full production in 2017, produced by Asylon Theatre.

Asylon commended the energy and drive of all participants and expressed encouragement to all teams to contemplate and celebrate the benefits of the experience.

A review from The Mumble labelled the evening “two hours of riveting, unpusillanimous theatre”

Praise for Eve Nicol’s Green Patch: ​“What makes this piece stand out is the writer’s skill in portraying arresting human relationships in such a short space of time.” TV Bomb

Pieces of Colour ​by Lisa VillaMil
Directed by Jaïrus Obayomi
Actors: Philip Kingscott, Katrina Bryan, Isidora Bouziouri
Stage Manager: Emma Harley

Trade Off ​by Diane Stewart
Director: Kai Peacock
Actors: Tamas Fazakas, Jennifer Hartland, Sarah Ord
Stage Manager: Justina Suchockaite

Girls Will Be Girls​by Ian Low
Director: Alice Langley
Actors: Caroline Mathison, Louise Oliver, Marilyn Wilson
Stage Manager : Mairi Cross

A Moral Trial​by Laura Witz
Director: Adam Tomkins
Actors: Ruth Murphy, Stephanie Boyle, Rachel Keiller
Designer: Dawn Troversial
Stage Manager: Bethany Laing

Green Patch​by Eve Nicol
Director: Andrea Cabrera Luna
Actors: Wendy Barrett, Riley Stewart, Zoe Bullock
Designer: Alisa Kalyanova
Stage Manager: Abbie Glennie